This is my personal blog that I use to get out my feelings about everyday problems and occasionally post my writing because that’s what I love to do. I will never reveal my name or anyone else’s names that can be used to identify me because I want to remain anonymous, so I obviously won’t link my social media sites to this blog.

I started this blog as a way to write freely without offending someone if I just need to vent. I had always wanted to start one but didn’t know what I would write about. Everyone around me kept saying that you needed a topic and something to ACTUALLY write about, so I didn’t. One day I posted something on my rarely used Twitter reflecting how I felt at the moment and this girl took it personally and started subtweeting me and unfollowed me on every site. That was the last straw so the next day I started “For Anyone Who Wants To Listen.”

Happy reading and welcome to The Doll House! I would love to talk to anyone if they ever want to ask me questions! And thank you all for reading about me!


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