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Years ago when I started working at Burger King, there was this gorgeous guy that would come in. I didn’t say anything;I just took his order. I told my co-worker friend that I thought he was cute. She told him at her window and  I hid. His appearance there became few and far between. He would ride his motorcycle there with his friend. Then I stopped seeing him inside and only in drive-thru. Then it was sparatic that I  saw him; he worked for the oil company so he was always travelling out of state. We never usually talked much, just small chatting. My manager would tell me things about him and said he was not only incredibly hot but a genuinely nice guy. I can attest to that. Even though he knows that ugly and fat me find him to be attractive, he is still always so nice to me and not like he is faking it.

Well….a year later. I saw him again at my new job! I am taking it as a wonderful sign. Me and my guy aren’t doing so swell. Then not even an hour into my shift, he comes in with who I’m assuming to be his mother. I was agitated at all the people coming in, and I just happened to look in the line and I seriously only saw him. Like everyone around me didn’t exist for  a second. I looked at him and instantly recognized him and he looked at me. I, out of instinct and hope, waved and shly smiled. He smiled and said hi. Instantly, I told my coworker about him. She saw him and was gushing too, making comments. So, my mood improved drastically. I noticed that his back was to me so he wasn’t looking at me, but he turned sideways, waiting for his order to be called.. So I did like any other, loudly. He comes up and says, “I didn’t think you could be that loud.”

I said, “I have to be.”

He said, ” I guess so.” Then he walked away and that was that.

But…my coworker was like, “What did he say?”

I told her what he said and that he did it flirtingly. We went into the back where he couldn’t here and I squealed like a girl. Fuck, he is so hot.

I am not the type of girl to like get boy crazy and think people are drop dead, perfection. Or get all flustered around them either. If he was anyone other than him, I would have been making moves a long time ago. And so, it won’t ever happen. But it was nice to see that he remembered me.