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I have never been a fan of guys younger than me. Even when I was a little girl and I played with Barbies, the guy was always older, which is odd considering that my father is three years younger than my mother.

All the guys that I have dated or even liked were older than me. One was only three weeks older, one was 3 months, one was 2 years, one was 6 years, 15 years, and so on. Now, I am dating a guy who is 9 years older. I don’t mind the age difference, and he doesn’t either. A lot of other people don’t like the difference and it weird them out. I’m 19 and soon to be 20. He is 28 going on 29. He was 17 when I was in kindergarten. His son is only 12 years younger than me. Putting it in these perspectives make me realize that it is a big difference.

He has lived a wild, crazy life before I even knew him. If I had met him years ago, I wouldn’t be with him now. I wouldn’t want to be with that man. He is a much better person now (according to him).

He has loved other women before I was even a woman.

He has experienced practically everything with other people. Then here I am experiencing all of these amazing life changing events and he doesn’t bat an eye or care about it because it isn’t anything new or special.

We moved in together. He has already lived with multiple girlfriends.

He got me a kitten for Valentine’s Day. He has had animals with other girlfriends.

He has already experienced a pregnancy, a birth, and watched his son grow the first 2 years of his life. (Thank God, I’m not pregnant).

We go on walks but he already has so many memories from those places that he takes me.

He already told me crazy stories about our amusement park.

There isn’t anything left for us to experience together.

I was his first for only two things:

  1. First girl he slept with outside of a relationship
  2. First girl that he slept with in a car

That’s it!

It shouldn’t matter and most of the time it doesn’t. It just bothers me that I am to young to go to bars so he can’t go see shows or I can’t see his band play. I feel like I restrict him so much and I don’t want that to push him away. I’m not mad at him for being older or having had a life. I’m mad at myself because I am not older or have had a life.

We are happy. We are in love (even though how much is questionable).

Girls hope for a guy with experience (I did), but it is frustrating when there is nothing left for you to do.

What do you do with a guy who has done it all and you haven’t even scratched the surface?