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Dear child,

I am nothing to you.

Just a title.

The girlfriend.

You have no memories associated with me.

And I of you.

I am just the lady that showed up one night.

We didn’t speak.

I watched you.

Observed you.

You are so much like your father that you don’t even know yet.

Might never know.

He loves you.

He thought about you all the time.

I thought about you on occasion.

He wanted to see you.

He wanted to be a part of your life.

She wouldn’t let him.

It seems that she tried to erase all memories of him from your life.

I don’t know why.

He’s a great man.

He really is.

You’re lucky to have him as your dad.

He really cares even if it’s not the conventional way.

I had to learn that the hard way.

I don’t know you.

As you don’t know me.

You may grow to love me.

And I you.

You may get to that age where you want your real parents together.

I would understand.

I don’t dislike you.

I barely know you.

I may be a little jealous.

His attention is more on you now instead of me.

I’ll do my best to be your step-mom

If that is what he wants.

Or chooses.

I don’t know what I’m doing.


Want this cheesecake?



I’m not a mother.

I’m barely not a child.

I am nothing to you.

Just a title.

If I’m lucky.

You may know my face.

Your father…

He loves us both very much.

He will do what he can for both of us.

But no matter what.

You will always be the first thing on his mind.

He loves you.

Show him that respect.


Give him that chance.

Let him be a part of your life.

He has missed so much already.

I can share him.

He was yours first.

Don’t let him miss any more.


Your dad’s new girlfriend